Outsourcing Deparment

Recording of transactions in accounting books

  • Preparation of accounting entries
  • Processing of information
  • Obtainment of Ledgers and Trial Balances
  • Account analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • Projected profit (loss) and taxes
  • Obtainment of hard-copy entries to be transcribed on the Journal.


Calculation of payroll and employers’ contributions

  • Registration with the various agencies
  • Calculation of payroll
  • Preparation of monthly social security statements
  • Preparation of salary and deposit slips
  • Updating of Journal entries
  • Answering of consultations and requirements

Calculation of monthly taxes

  • VAT, monthly
  • Gross Income Tax, monthly
  • Preparation of SICORE (Withholding Control System as per its Spanish acronym) tax return
  • Other tax requirements to be complied with

Development of administrative systems

  • Review and evaluation of the current system
  • Corrections of the existing system
  • Determination of information needs
  • Integral design of an accounting administrative system
  • Design of the chart of accounts
  • Design of accounting documents
  • Design and organization of information files

Training of customers’ personnel

  • Answering of technical questions and consultations
  • Courses on specific subjects
  • Delivery of the necessary material in order to solve a specific issue

Forensic accountancy and advice in legal proceedings:

  • Preparation of forensic accountancy questions
  • Objections to questions proposed by the other party
  • Advice as technical consultants
  • Objections to the court-appointed forensic accountant report
  • Control and follow-up of forensic accountancy tasks


Economic and financial analysis

  • Development of tools in order that data arising from the Financial Statements may be turned into useful information for decision making.
  • Anticipation and analysis of economic and financial effects in the event of a certain financial position       


Preparation of economic and financial budgets

  • Preparation of economic and financial budgets, either monthly or annually, taking into account the control needs and the structure of customer
  • Advice on accounting, corporate and legal issues
  • Comprehensive, permanent and personal advice


Translation of Financial Statements into Foreign Currency

  • Review of Financial Statements and translation thereof into foreign currency


Registration, transformation, merger, split-up and liquidation of corporations

  • Preparation of the corresponding Financial Statements
  • Formalities before the I.G.J. (Business Corporations and Partnerships Record Board of the City of Buenos Aires) for the registration, transformation, merger, split-up and liquidation of a corporation


Personnel selection

  • Announcing of the job ad in newspapers
  • Reading of all résumés sent
  • Selection of the fittest individuals for the position requested according to the résumé submitted
  • First interview with the persons selected
  • Technical test to those selected in the first interview
  • Second interview with those having approved the test
  • Psychological test to the person selected by the company (optional).
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