Tax Services

Preparation or review of national, provincial or municipal tax returns

  • Based on the Financial Statements and on all the other information specially supplied by the customer, we prepare or review national, provincial or municipal tax returns, either as direct taxpayer or as a withholding agent.

Tax audit of fiscal years with unexpired limitation periods

  • Conceptual and numeric review of fiscal years with unexpired limitation periods based on accounting records and supplementary documents and information provided by the customer.

Suggestions on tax savings

  • We make suggestions on tax savings as a result of a comprehensive tax advice.

    These suggestions may be on:

  • Tax planning
  • Make use of promotional systems providing tax advantages
  • Advisability of requesting an income tax non-withholding certificate
  • Tax advantages and disadvantages when choosing the type of corporation to create in order to develop a new activity

Preparation or review of individual tax returns of partners, shareholders, board members, managers, etc.

  • Based on the data provided by the customer, individual tax returns are prepared or reviewed.

Answering of oral or written consultations

Preparation of applications for fiscal refunds

Training of customers’ personnel

  • We give management courses on taxes tailored to the needs of our customers.

Tax Newsletters

  • Periodically, we issue newsletters on tax issues in order to keep our customers updated.

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